Breathing and Biofeedback Workshop with Denise

just breatheWorkshop for Sleep, Hyperventilation, Anxiety & Stress

The evidence is increasing in favor of spending some time not only thinking about breathing, but practicing it as well.

Paced abdominal breathing leads to lower stress levels, fewer incidents of hyperventilation and panic attacks, as well as a reduction in worrisome thoughts and sleepless nights. Not to mention better digestion, lower blood pressure, and a more capable immune system.

Research clearly supports the superiority of relaxation training with biofeedback over other techniques and those who learn to breathe with the proper feedback.


Less stress more breath

Join Denise Davis-Gains for a small intense INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP on breathing using biofeedback to enhance your training and skill development.

WHERE: 18 Ainslie Street South, Unit B
COST:  25.00

Introduction to the science of proper abdominal breathing &
the anxiety response

* Understand the biological and neurological impact proper breathing has on your body

* Understand the fight or flight response and impact stress has on our digestion, beauty, anxiety, health, and sleep Replace this text with the next item

* Find out what happens in our bodies when we don’t we don’t breathe properly

* Explain the connection between anxiety & sympathetic arousal

Uncover hidden sources of stress & how your triggers affect you.

* Learn to identify what triggers your stress

* Learn simple techniques to combat triggers

* Re-train your body’s response to stressful triggers and events

Intense Breathing Training!

* Develop a working understanding of biofeedback

* Understand what biofeedback can do to aid you with anxiety, stress and insomnia

* Learn and practice proper breathing mechanics using Denise’s expertise

*Learn how to incorporate breathing healthy into your daily life!

Space is limited so please register early. 

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