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Yoga and Eating Disorders

Yoga and Eating Disorders   by: Laura Mifflin, Dance Instructor and Choreographer     I believe that practicing yoga can be a form of positive treatment for individuals suffering from eating disorders. This paper takes a look at the problem … Continue reading

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The Benefits Of Yoga For Basketball

The Benefits Of Yoga For Basketball by: Nick Lau This research article looks to answer the questions about yoga, and the benefits it provides to basketball players.  Whether its injury prevention or more dynamic plays based on flexibility, this article … Continue reading

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Libido & Partner Yoga

  by: Denise-Davis Gains, Atlas Studio Owner     Looking to improve your relationship?  There is nothing like partner yoga to hold a mirror up to relationship challenges.  In one of my 1st partner yoga classes I remember the instructor … Continue reading

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Ayurveda Resource Page

What we know about ayurveda we have learned from Matthew Remski and the sources that he has pointed us to.  Any awareness that I had before meeting Remski has been tainted by his broad and informed viewpoint. Matthew suggests that … Continue reading

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There’s “Exercise” And Then There’s “Movement”

by: Amanda Raynor, BEd. Mobility Expert, Co-owner/manager at Human 2.0/writer/educator/community builder/furniture re-arranger It’s all over the news these days: sitting for extended periods of time is bad for you. A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in January … Continue reading

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