Discover Your True Self – a workshop w/ Ida Cullen

Ida on Harp

Yoga & Astrology

April 19-21, 2013
Fri 7:30-9pm, Sat 8am-6pm & Sun 9-1pm

In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna lays out a plan for Arjuna that begins with the instruction to find his dharma.  Finding our true selves and accepting our true purpose can either be a life long pursuit or recognized in a flash of intuition.

Dharma is the purpose to which we have been born. To be living our dharma, is to live our True Self. Just the search alone, can bring more spirituality into our lives & bring us closer to a truth about self.

Karma, Dharma’s twin, tempts us to abandon our true selves, creating conflict and tension. When examined closely, there are astrological markers that describe the ways in which we can live our dharma and remediate our karma.

Join us as we create & hold a sacred space together to stop, look, and listen to the wisdom & guidance that is ever present within us. We will integrate & ground this information using conscious communication, art, music, hatha yoga, pratyahara & meditation. You will leave feeling renewed and revived.

All are welcome whether or not you are new to astrology, yoga, or dharma. There’s something soulful to be gained by all.

Join Ida for this transformational workshop. Suitable for all students.

Participants will get a much more out of the discussion if they have their natal charts. (Ida tries to include astrology in all her programs; it really helps to ‘personalize’ it.) In order to have your chart calculated, please provide your birth information when you register, This includes: birth year, month, day, exact time, am/pm, & birth location.

For this reason, early registration is recommended. Early registration will include FREE natal chart.

After (3/15/13) there will be a $25 additional fee for chart preparation.

Tuition: 275.00

Tuition includes: Workshop and natal chart if registered by March 15, 2012. After March 15 natal chart is an additional 25.00.

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Ida Cullen has been providing inspirational and educational programs integrating body, mind, and spirit since 1989. She is certified E-RYT500 by the Yoga Alliance, at the highest level and holds a 500hr Professional Kripalu Yoga Teacher Certificate.  Other certifications include:  Integrative Yoga Therapy & Kripalu YogaDance.   She has worked as a professional astrologer for over 30 years and has been a popular speaker at international/national and state conferences since 1989. In 2002, Ida opened The Sanctuary and began to offer personal sessions, group classes, intensive workshops, and teacher-training programs as an independent consultant.

More of her autobiographical information can be found on her blog,
The Teacher’s Journal.

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