Our Mission:
Making a Difference in the world one breath at a time, one moment at a time.

In the World

In the words of Swami Kripalu, “Seekers who believe they must practice yoga only in the meditation room are under a great illusion. They must practice yoga in society as well.” As a Atlas donor, you support programs that reach beyond our walls to bring healing and transformation to those in need—including high-school students at risk for depression and substance abuse; children in disadvantaged schools; and populations across the country and around the globe who are facing severe economic, physical, and emotional challenges. The extent of the impact we can make on individuals and society—beyond the walls of our yoga studio—depends entirely on your generosity.

Please consider donation to the Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship fund.  You can email us for more details or just send an email transfer to:  We would also love to have pictures of you with the student who graduates thanks to your generosity! (You can also remain anonymous.)

Special thanks to those who have donated to make it possible for yoga training to be available to everyone regardless of financial ability!

2015 donation allowed 2 students to take Yoga Teacher Training




2016 donation allowed 1 student to take Yoga Teacher Training





Some of the Atlas 200hr Yoga Teachers who were granted scholarships

Iva Arnott

kylie Van Horne

Kurtis Reitzel