Sacred Intimacy~Tantra Partner Yoga


Sacred Intimacy

For all levels of yoga experience.
Saturday & Sunday February 2018 (TBA)

350.00 per person or 600.00 for 2 (registered & paid together)
book early space is limited.

Bring a partner or find a partner at this fun-filled, spiritually uplifting, and invigorating workshop. As we learn how to breathe and flow together on the mat, we find greater ease and balance in relationship on and off the mat.

In this program, we

  • Deepen compassion, trust, sensitivity, and love
  • Enjoy a healthy, playful, and life-affirming practice
  • Learn how to adapt the postures to accommodate various body types, flexibility levels, and yoga experience
  • Deepen the sense of closeness and connection through partner meditations and active listening techniques
  • Experience assisted postures, mirrored postures, and Thai Yoga Massage
  • Revitalize relationship as we celebrate and honour our soul attributes

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