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Welcome to Atlas Studio.
A yoga studio where many styles of yoga are integrated. It is a place to come and safely explore, a place to go beyond our personal limitations physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is a place to feel comfortable and accepted for who we are and where we are at this moment; yoga studios that support the journey and help us to find balance in life – lift the weight of the universe off our shoulders.

Atlas yoga classes are open to all age groups and fitness levels.  You can start and stop any time, yes you are always welcome to join us mid-session. This allows you to integrate yoga into your life at anytime; we fit perfectly into your schedule.

Denise Davis-Gains Denise Davis-Gains
Denise Davis-Gains and Atlas Yoga are a culmination of a life-time of spiritual pilgrimage. As a young child Denise learned to move gracefully and appreciate music, she enjoyed a good story with a lesson and was blown wide open when spirit, movement and sacred music met on the yoga mat in 1993. Since that time Denise has walked a path towards wholeness and integration as a healer, yoga teacher, mentor and leader.”My interest in teaching yoga comes from a desire to live my dharma, to do what I have come here to do; to make a difference in people lives. Yoga saves my life everyday.It is my hope that through my life’s work more people can find the gift in yoga and heal themselves and those around them, dispelling the myth of separation and move towards a different world. A world where peace is possible for individuals and the global community”.
ThamoThamo is a Registered Social Service Worker, a graduate of Atlas’s Yoga Teacher Training Program.  She has a broad range of Social Service experience including work in various Mental Health and Community Service based programs. She began her yoga journey approximately 2005 and is also trained in other energy healing modalities.
Thamo continues to use her experiences in Social Services to shape her classes to create relaxing, holistic and therapeutic experience for her students.

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Christina Robev
Colleen Holmes
Colleen Holmes has been in the fitness industry for 15 years.  She is the fitness technologist for Fitness Academic programming at Conestoga College. She has over 50 certifications in health and fitness Her highest level is Clinical Exercise Specialist. Colleen is the owner of Redrock fitness which specializes in training
professionals in the service fields. Colleen is the Professional Development Chair for CPTN and was
given an award last year for her dedication to personal training development. She has 8 certifications in Pilates alone.She looks forward to meeting and training you.
Colleen Holmes CES, CPTN-CPT
Community Services’  Fitness Technologist
> Tonya Broomer
Tonya Broomer is on a holistic journey of self discovery. She is certified in Hot Stone Massage and Reiki. A graduate of  the Transformational Arts College, Tonya has completed the practical aspect of the 200Hour Atlas Yoga Teacher Training program.  An insightful yoga teacher and spiritual guide.
Jill FinbowJill’s love affair with yoga began in England where she first learned the art of surrender and the beauty of being present in the moment.  Awestruck by her experience of the powers of the breath and its potency in childbirth, Jill began to envisage herself passing on the secrets of a sweet pre-natal practice.  Her aim is to support and guide other women as they prepare for their own passage into parenthood, helping them to feel more comfortable in their ever changing bodies and to feel empowered to move through their labour using breath and postures to remain relaxed and in control. Jill tunes in to her creative power and she brings joy and light into her life and the lives of others.  Her contagious smile and dancing eyes bring comfort to her students and her calming character radiates throughout every class that she teaches.

Massage Therapist & Insightful Anatomist Christopher Lambert
Company Mission Statement: Skilled Hands and an Open Heart. It is my mission to provide you with deep, attentive touch therapy that actively engages you in your healing and catalyzes you toward health and well-being. Using Shiatsu and mulitple treatment techniques, we will work together towards a complete body image. This will provide you greater access to information from your body with fewer areas of ‘motor-sensory amnesia’ , with greater length, rather then compression and greater resilience, allowing you to bear stress without breaking. This new information will also allow your body to perform with reduced effort, reduced pain and improved range of motion.Company Values Statement: My first consideration is always the health and well being of the client. I will continually strive to improve my knowledge and professional skills. I will respect the client’s physical and emotional state and will not abuse clients through actions, words or silence, nor take advantage of the therapeutic relationship. I acknowledge the inherent worth and individuality of each person and therefore will not unjustly discriminate against clients and colleagues. I will encourage and educate the client in the development of a health enhancing lifestyle. When it is necessary in the interest of the client’s health and well being, I will suggest that they seek an alternate source of medical care.Company Vision Statement: To become recognized for excellence in clinical massage therapy throughout Guelph and the surrounding area by improving the quality of life of my patients by providing them with personal and comprehensive treatment.

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