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Thai Yoga Massage is a traditional healing art that has now gained recognition with health care professionals. Articles have been written in Time Magazine, Massage Magazine as well as the New York Times to name a few. Though it is practiced widely in Thailand, its roots have been traced in India and are based on Ayurvedic and yogic principles.

The massage takes place on either a mat or a table whereby the practitioner guides the recipient through a series of dynamic stretches, acupressure work along energy lines and rhythmic rocking. The recipient experiences deep relaxation and profound relief from the stresses of modern living. This promotes a sense of rejuvenation and allows the recipient to feel more energetic and focused.

Our Approach

We begin with foundational principles and teach in a very systematic way providing instruction, hands on practice and repetition to ensure that the student’s skills develop exponentially over the duration of the course.

We have taken great care in developing courses that provide a strong and supportive environment so that participants finish with a feeling of total confidence in their abilities. Classes become incredible bonding experiences that are both fun and challenging. Students often rate their experience as among the best workshops they have ever attended.

Courses we offer

4 hour Taster and Two Day Introductory Courses

Courses to whet the appetite, teach the student or couple interested in a casual massage and build a student base for further training

In a 4-hour intro course the students learn how to give a 25 minute massage. The 2 day course deepens the student experience, as they learn how to give a 60-minute massage that provides the foundation for massaging all parts of the body.

Prenatal Thai Yoga Massage

A 3 day course where students learn a 60 minute flow designed specifically for expecting mothers. They will also learn all necessary contraindications and precautions to take when working in this environment.

Table Thai Yoga Massage

A 3 day course where students learn a complete 60 minute massage designed especially for the table. This class is open to anyone with previous massage training (not only Thai Massage). We provide practitioners tools and postures that support their body when working on a massage table.

Thai Yoga Massage I and II

5-day courses to prepare students for certification and professional practice. Thai Yoga Massage I teaches a 90-minute massage, with all the tools to give a beneficial therapeutic massage; Thai Yoga Massage II expands the repertoire to 180 minutes, allowing for increased refinement and customization of a routine that addresses the specific requirements of the client.

The Teachers

Led by Shai Plonski previously senior teacher at  Lotus Palm School and  worked and training intensively under the founder, Kam Thye Chow. Shai is also an accomplished yoga teacher and has been involved in the healing arts since 1997.

Shai Plonski established his school, located in Toronto, Canada after touring and teaching internationally since 2002. He and his teachers have taught Thai Yoga Massage as well as Ayurveda & Thai Yoga Therapy programs to thousands of people at yoga & health centers as well as spas and massage schools throughout North America, the Caribbean, Central America and Asia. Some of those centers include the Omega Institute, the Kripalu Center, Mandarin Oriental Spa, and The Ritz Carlton.

By partnering with the Still Light Center, quality of our courses, the skill set of our teachers, the attention to detail and the support of our school have helped us to achieve a reputation that is at the top of our field.

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